Naturopath Annette Charles

Rotorua Natural Health is operated by  Naturopath Annette Charles, who has over 30 years of experience as a Natural Medicine Practitioner.

Annette has helped improve the lives of many clients over the years by helping them regain their health and energy.

Are you feeling fatigued? 

Do you suffer from digestive problems, stress, or hormonal issues?

Do you feel unwell but don’t know why?

Is your current level of health holding you back from getting full enjoyment from your life?

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic approach to health, and Annette is passionate about helping you achieve great health and reach your wellness goals.

There are various appointment options available:

 Initial Comprehensive Health Consultation

This first appointment needs to be done in the clinic in Rotorua so as to carry out a variety of tests.

This consultation involves an in-depth assessment of your well-being and identifies issues relating to your current state of health and risk factors.

SCIO energy scan


State-of-the-art health screening tools are used, including SCIO energy scan, Hemaview blood testing, along with other Naturopathic testing.




Practitioner-only supplements may be prescribed along with recommendations for any further testing that may be needed.

These may include functional medicine tests and medical blood tests

Consultation time allow 90 minutes

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Repeat Naturopathic Consultation

Repeat naturopath appointment

It is important to follow up normally 4 weeks after your initial appointment to check on your progress and discuss your treatment.

The time frame of the appointment and length of the appointment will vary depending on your individual requirements.


These can be done via skype or by phone, or in the clinic.

30-minute repeat consultation

60-minute repeat consultation

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Prescription Update Appointment

practitioner-only Supplements

This is available to past and present clients or those who have a prescription from another suitably qualified person and need to update it.

The appointment takes about 20 mins and may require a questionnaire to be filled in before the consultation.

If there have been many changes in your health and it has been a couple of years since Annette has seen you, then a full appointment may need to be booked.

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