Spiritual Healing


High Dimensional Healing

Soul healing is the missing link that allows you to finally experience wellness on all levels. Soul
healing allows you to reach and experience high dimensional healing where there no limits to what
is possible.

 This healing awakens your body’s innate healing ability to repair and heal.

  • Removes dark energies that suppress your ability to heal and suppress your energy and vitality
  • Clears blockages that sabotage health, happiness, and prosperity
  • Clears Homes and businesses
  • Do you ever feel like nothing ever goes right?
  • Do you ever feel there is a dark cloud hanging over you?
  • Despite trying lots of different things, you don’t seem to get on top of your health. Maybe you feel
    better for a while but then you seem to go backwards again. ?

Why Does This Happen?

There are many things that influence your health, energy and wellbeing that are not so obvious.
These can be the unseen influences that are around you and can be what is ultimately holding you
back from being happy and healthy and living life to the full.
These can include emotional blockages, energy blockages and dark energy of various kinds and
These all lead to energy leaks and low vibrations making it very difficult for your body to function
normally, on any level. These also drain your soul’s energy

Soul Restoration and Spiritual Healing

Within the process of this spiritual healing technique, you will learn

  • How to raise your vibration
  • How to protect yourself from negative unseen influences on your health and wellbeing
  • How to clear energy that is not beneficial to you
  • How to use love healing energy
  • How to connect to the highest healing energies and dimensions.
  • Experience joy and happiness and wellbeing which should be normal human feelings

How is this form of Spiritual Healing different from other Energy Healing Techniques?

Most spiritual and energy healers typically work in the lower dimensions of the 3 rd to the 5 th dimension when healing. There can be some benefits working in those dimensions but dark energies, typically exist in the 6-9 th dimension so it is impossible for deep or long-term healing to happen if these dark energies can’t be cleared.

A healer needs to be able to work in dimensions
higher than the 9 th dimension to be able to heal fully at the soul level

My experience with Spiritual Healing

For the last 40 years I have studied and used many energy healing techniques. Many had benefits
but were often short-term benefits and never reached the levels of healing I knew in my heart was
As a former Reiki healer and reiki master working at the 3 rd to 5 th dimensions I was able to help many
people but I now know why the healing was limited and I no longer Practice or teach reiki because of
Being able to work at the 12 th dimension and above is where miracles can happen.

Soul Healing has given me what I had been searching for my whole life.
I now have the privilege of being able to offer this healing to you

How do you start the process of Spiritual-Soul Healing??

energy healing meditation

This type of healing is generally done from a distance, so on zoom is ideal but can be done in clinic or over the phone as well.

Single sessions are available.

Three – to five sessions are generally needed but depends on individual needs.

The appointments can be spread out over 1-2 months although, ideally the first 2 in the same week
or a week apart.

Soul Restore and Spiritual Healing Intensive.

This is an intensive 4-week programme that fast tracks your healing and connection to all that is
possible in the higher dimensions.
Contact me for more information about the soul restore and spiritual healing intensive.

Reiki healer

If you are interested in knowing more about this elite healing process contact me via email

We can arrange a time to connect on the phone or on zoom to see what your needs are.
In some instances, it may be beneficial to have a naturopathic appointment first and run a SCIO
energy scan. This can be done on zoom
The energy scan may pull up emotional blockages, nutritional imbalances along with other health
issues and imbalances you may not be aware of. True health encompasses all influences on your

The 4 week intensive programme includes a scio energy scan.
The Scio scan is the optimal way to start the healing process, but it is not absolutely essential,if you
are a naturopthic client of mine and have recently had an energy scan.
Once we have discussed your needs we can go ahead and schedule the first session

You are 100% involved in your Soul Healing
Soul Healing takes 100% commitment from you through the healing process.

You are involved and I act as your spiritual guide.
You are given healing tools to continue the healing process and maintain your health and vitality into
the future.
These healing tools include how to raise your vibration and keep it high and how to protect yourself
from dark energies and those things that drain your energy and your health
Because this healing stimulates the body to heal amazing things can happen and as we connect to
the highest healing frequencies, miracles can happen.

spiritual energy levels

Some of the most common reasons clients seek out soul healing are

  • Fatigue,
  • Depression,
  • Pain,
  • Things not going right in their life.
  • Relationship and work stress
  • General unwellness.
  • Feeling attacked or everything seems to be just going wrong
  • Chronic illness that won’t resolve

Houses and businesses can also be cleared and energised.

Also if you have a pet that is unwell,then they can be treated at the same time.

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