About Your Online Naturopath Appointment

online naturopath booking

Are you feeling fatigued? 

Do you suffer from digestive problems, stress, or hormonal issues?

Do you feel unwell but don’t know why?

Is your current level of health holding you back from getting full enjoyment from your life?

What Your Online Health and Wellbeing Assessment Includes

The online Health and Wellbeing Assessment is almost like being in the clinic but can be done in the comfort of your own home.

This appointment includes a thorough case history, including your current and past health, focusing on your specific areas of concern.

The 120-minute Online Consultation

This allows for the use of the SCIO scan, which can be used remotely.

The Scio is a state-of-the-art screening tool based on quantum physics. The SCIO can help uncover deep-seated imbalances in the body and much more.

You will get invaluable information from this appointment that will inspire you to move towards a healthier and more vibrant you.

Gene tests for healthYou will also have access to Prescription-only Practitioner supplements, which are in a league of their own for purity and efficacy.

Annette has a huge range of extra testing available to her if necessary. Depending on your wants and needs, she can arrange Functional Medicine testing,  blood testing from your local laboratory, and gene testing for health and wellbeing.

Why Would I Consult with a Naturopath?

There are many different reasons you would consult with a Naturopath.       herbal medicine

  • You feel unwell and all the medical testing has not revealed any answers.
  • Your health is reasonably good but you want to check whether you are lacking any nutrients.
  • You are interested in preventative medicine so want more in-depth information about nutrition, nutrients, herbs, and what you can do to reduce your risk of chronic diseases.
  • You have a health condition and want to know what else you can do to help that condition using natural remedies and therapies
  • There is a health condition that is prevalent in your family and you want to know how this may affect you and what you can do about reducing your health risks

Do Natural Herbal Remedies Affect Prescription Drugs?

There are some natural medications that will affect prescription drugs but they are surprisingly few. Annette will always check for any drug interactions with prescription medication taken alongside her prescribed natural medicines. It is important to stay on your Doctors medications as natural medicine can always work around that in a safe and effective way.

The Hemaview Blood Test has to be performed in the clinic and is part of the Comprehensive Health Consultation.