DNA Health Tests

There are two Fitgenes DNA tests available

For more indepth information about  the benefits of gene testing go to genetesting.nz

The Carb Choice AMY 1 Gene Test

This takes all the guess work out of what your body needs nutritionally and allows you to make the best food choices for your healthDNA test for weightloss

Your information is then able to to be used to create your very diet plan for weight loss

This DNA test wll reveal your tolerance to starch in carbohydrates by testing the AMY 1 salivary amylase gene.

Knowing your Amy 1 gene variation will reveal the following

  • How effectively you are able to metabolise and tolerate carbohydrates
  • How effectively you can metabolise and tolerate gluten in your diet
  • Are carbohydrates contributing to your increased weight or not
  • Are carbohydrates contributing to your diabetes risk
  • How many grams of carbohydrates should you be eating each day to achieve or maintain good health
  • What are the best forms of carbohydrates for you and what you should be avoiding.
  • How effectively do you metabolise carbohydrates for energy.
  • How will  certain carbohydrates affect your physical wellbeing.


Amy 1 gene test


The Fitgenes Health and Wellbeing Gene Test

health and wellbeing genetic profile


This is your genetic blueprint which will help you plan for a long and healthy life

It’s true you can’t change your genes but you can definitely affect their expression and therefore influence your health dramatically



The health genetic profile/DNA profile will give you a unique insight into how your body responds to

  • Diet- whether you are trying to loose or gain weight
  • Exercise -great for all sports people
  • Lifestyle choices.

Knowing your genetic variations allows you to make the best choices for a long and healthy life

This is your genetic blueprint which will help you plan for a long and healthy lifeCarb Choice AMY 1 Gene Test

They  are:

  • Inflammation
  • Cell Defence
  • Vitamin D Metabolism
  • Methylation and Homocysteine Metabolism
  • Vitamin B12
  • Genes  that affect Cardiovascular Health
  • Genes that affect Fat Metabolism and Cholesterol Regulation


Food Choices  Genetic Profile

This is a new gene test which can be added to a Health and Wellbeing profile.

This tests your genetic predisposition to

  •  Gluten /Coeliacs Disease
  •  Lactose Intolerance
  •  Alcohol sensitivity
  •  Salt sensitivity
  •  Caffeine/Coffee Sensitivity


health and well being genetic profile

All the genes tested are modifiable through diet, and lifestyle choices meaning your genes need not be your destiny.

You will get a comprehensive genetic report as well as a personalised plan to meet your individual health goals.

This can be one of the most empowering things you can do if you are wanting to feel well, age well and reduce your risk for  the chronic diseases which are so prevalent in our society

Gene testing appointments can be done via skype, on the phone or in the clinic.



Purchase your gene test kit.

If you are unsure of what gene test is most beneficial for you then you can email or ring the clinic and Annette will contact you.

You can have your DNA sample taken at the clinic or your DNA kit will be couriered to you. Once you have received the kit Annette will contact you to make sure you are clear about the process of collecting the DNA sample.

The kit will be couriered to you at your best delivery address . P O Box numbers are generally not accepted by couriers.

There are two copies of a consent form in the kit which have to be signed. One copy goes with the DNA sample and the other need to be scanned and emailed to the clinic. The DNA Sample cannot be processed without the consent form being signed.The form is self explanatory and ensures you understand what information you will be receiving in the gene reports .

Collect your DNA sample.

This process is a simple Buccal swab. The instructions in the kit are very clear if you are unsure then contact Annette.

Once you have completed the DNA collection it is placed with the other relevant information into the pre paid addressed courier bag and sent to Nutrisearch in Napier. From there it is sent on to Fitgenes in Australia.

Receive your results

Once the DNA test results come back you will be contacted to arrange a time for your consultation to go over the results.

You will receive the Fitgenes Test Report along with a Genetic Interpretation Report and recommendations prepared by Annette.

DNA Health Tests