Health Supplements

Only the Best Quality and the Purest Ingredients are used in these products.

To Purchase Practitioner only products you will need to be a member with a prescription by me or by another suitably qualified natural medicine practitioner

Why I Use Practitioner only Supplements.

Practitioner-only health SupplementsProduct contamination, deliberate species substitution, spiking of poor quality herbs and using fillers such as Talcum powder are all issues that affect the natural health industry particularly as the raw ingredients for most NZ supplements are sourced overseas. Many ingredients come from China and  India  but  there are also issues with ingredients from other countries.

Interesting Studies.

A recent USA study of 131 herbal products from 12 different companies showed that 42% of the products tested were either contaminated, had been mixed with inert fillers or contained other herbs ,not those specified on the label. A case reported in the Western Journal of medicine referred to a woman admitted to hospital with uncontrolled bleeding had been taking a herbal supplement which on testing was contaminated with warfarin a very potent blood thinner and is also a rat poison.

A study which tested the quality of ginseng ,published in the journal of Pharmaceutical science, showed 33% did not contain any active ginsenosides at all. A study of 44 feverfew products showed 32% contained none of the active ingredient. Contamination with sulphur compounds have been found in herbal materials coming from China along with using inert fillers such as Talcum powder to increase the weight of the product and therefore get more money

A New Zealand Study

Natural SupplementsAn Auckland University study was done testing the quality of fish oil supplements available in NZ health shops and all but 3 brands had levels of essential fatty acids as stated on the label and over half were rancid. Pure omega 3 fish oil is so beneficial for health but taking rancid oil is like taking a toxic substance every day  and to get a therapeutic affect the levels of EPA/DHA need to be high. So many brands are offered really cheaply tempting the consumer to buy.


But what are you actually buying, consuming and giving to your family ?

Some companies may say they their products are NZ made but fail to say the raw materials have come from China or elsewhere.

Some companies give financial incentives to sales staff to sell their product line or retail shops so you may not be even getting the best product you need if sales staff are encouraged to push one line over another for financial gain.

When it comes to your health why take the risk?

Because I  want the best quality products and the best results for my clients I encourage you to use the Practitioner only brands because their  purity and efficacy can be guaranteed.